For many of us it has become very difficult to achieve balance in life. Stress, bad communication, uncontrolled behavior, lack of concentration, health problems or even burnout are amoung the prices people pay for not having managed that balance.  When we talk about Work-Life Balance, what me mean is, that neither at work nor in our private life we ought to sacrifice something for the benefit of one or the other. In this sense "balance" means win:win.

But the challenges people face aren´t becoming easier. Business life is increasing its pace and private lifes see more and more isolation and break-downs.

Life isn´t getting easier - Personal Development is!

It is safe to say that seeking balance between work and life will remain a challenge for many of us, despite the overwhelming technological solutions various industry offer. No techno-gadget will relax you, help you communicate better, get in control or feel good any time you want. The only tool that will help you do that is: your brain.

We have therefore decided to concentrate on the aspects closer to hearts and minds of people - approaches (like coaching) and techniques (with emphasis on Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP) that help you focus on yourself, because individual balance begins with the individual. These topics will help you

  • to get to know yourself better and develop into the person you want to be
  • to stay in control during any stressfull situation
  • to communicate effectively and in an appreciated way
  • to understand your bodys metabolism and support it with the best nutrition available
  • to manage your emotions and your emotional energy level
  • to eliminate hindering beliefs and develop positive behavioural patterns


Personal Development starts with self-awareness and reflection. The better we understand ourselves, the easier we will be able to identify "room for improvement" and deal with it. The more we appreciate ourselves, the better can we appreciate others.

We can assist in establishing personal profiles based on state-of-start psychometric evaluations, allowing to tap into our personality, behaviours, value systems or believes. These profiles give clues as to what personal development you might want to consider.

Stress Management also starts with awareness. Most stressful situations can be handled when we know the proper response and "stay cool". The key is to reflect, stay calm and think about your next move. This is of course not as easy as it sounds.

We provide you with insights on how stress works and how to condition yourself to avoid stress, analyze your stress levels and triggers, develop your individual stress coping mechanisms and teach you techniques to relax and take control again.

Communication Skills are not only good to have anyway, with the right skills you will be able to express yourself more effectively, avoid misunderstanding, eliminate tension and create an environment that cherishes respect, trust and the feeling of belonging together.

Our training on communication draws from concepts like NLP, GFK (Gewaltfreie Kommunikation) and several other contemporary models. We also use questionaires to determine communication types and temperaments.

Physical Energy is largely the result of fitness and good nutrition. While fitness is a matter of excercise, getting enough good nutrition is not so easy anymore. Products are seldomly fresh and very often contain large quantities of sugar, fat and other unhealthy substances.

We emphasize the need for good nutrition and explain why it is necessary as well as how. We also use technical devices to analyze one´s personal constitution, including measures relating to bloodsugar, heart function, level of vitamins in your body and many more.

Emotional Energy - sometimes referred to as "energy in motion" - refers to different states we can find ourselves in. These states are largely based on feelings that are produced by our limbic system combined with the reasoning of our neo-cortex. Emotional energy can be controlled.

Creating an understanding about how emotions get created, how they develop and how we can control the emotional energy levels is our focus. We use knowledge about the brains functioning, profiling systems to determine one´s drives and linguistic conditioning techniques.

Personality, Values and Beliefs are the essence of what defines us. While our personality is mostly determined by our genes, it is our values and beliefs that can be changed just as they were created over the years. After all, we were born without any beliefs and values.

When we change our values and beliefs, we can change how we interact and become more succesful. When we eliminate hindering beliefs we can free ourselves and achieve new levels of freedom and accomlishment.

Personal Development starts with the person

Learning & Growth, while being a widely focused consultancy, emphasises the need for people to be healthy, energetic, motivated and happy. We understand that only people will make a difference, at least for now, as long as now super-intelligence is on its way. But even then, hypothetically speaking, humans will make the best of such machines, because machines need humans to learn from. People will always be the ultimate customer. People will always be the ressource of trust. People will always be what we care for the most.

At Learning & Growth we have the skills, experience and resources to enable people to get to their invididual work-life-balance. Let us be your partner in developing the people in your organization.