From targeting other markets, diversification or franchising to forming an alliance or even merging with other companies, the possibilities are endless. Using Crowd Funding, Private Equity or Venture Capital for an expansion, a merger or an acquisitions requires considerable patience and due diligence. The leverage is the key.

Knowing how to run a successful business is only the starting point. Business practices such as the following will only get you started.

  • Establishing a value proposition
  • Identify customer
  • Define critical performance indicators
  • Solid financial support
  • Sustainable revenue streams
  • Monitoring the competition
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Investment in talent



Apart from common-sense business leadership, a growth strategy also needs to consider aspects such as:

  • Improve the operational & financial performance of the future company
  • Consolidate to remove excess capacity from industry
  • Consolidate to improve competitive positioning
  • Consolidate to improve innovation and time to market
  • Improve access to market(s) for all future products
  • Get skills or technologies fast and at the lowest cost
  • Leverage the industry specific scalability
  • Partner with winning players and help them grow your alliance network
  • Roll-up fragmented industries
  • Lead transformations with care and heart
  • Know your budget, know the market and negotiate well when buying